Hi, I’m Brinn

I care about helping people, cultivating meaningful relationships and changing this world for the better.


I have 10 years of experience as an HR business partner and a proven track record of identifying diverse, top talent. Coaching, learning and development, and geeking out on culture are some of my favorite parts of people operations. I’m also the proud Founder of substance abuse support platform, AWEN launching in 2021.

Results-Driven Solutions


Attracting and retaining talent is critical for growth-oriented companies, and investing in culture and leadership creates the space that maximizes employee satisfaction and individual potential.


Instead of suppressing human tendencies to compete with machinery, I believe that we can enhance the advantages of human nature in the workplace through communication, teamwork, and empathy. 


Culture comes from the top, and leadership must balance direction and support without stifling innovation. My leadership style emphasizes the power of authenticity and emotional intelligence.


A successful strategy develops the system that enables day-to-day inspiration for innovative thinking. Real innovation requires an environment that empowers the human mind to think creatively. 

My Story

From Art to Business

Having been classically trained in Fine Arts, I entered the music industry and spent 5 years acting as liaison between artists and stakeholders. From Artist Management to Network Operations to resource allocation, I coordinated internal assets to implement the artist’s creative vision and developed a cross-platform campaign to optimize the artist’s reach and success, culminating in a “breakout” album. The artist, Chromeo, has released multiple albums since, and is now a globally recognized artist. 

A Culture of Growth

I next entered an early stage startup developing data-driven B2B solutions. As the 6th hire on the team, I was in a position to design and implement the foundations of a robust company culture. I led the HR team to onboard over 100 new employees, from entry-level to partner/principal, all while creating a sense of community and teamwork. Having worked with leadership to recruit and train new hires, we were able to scale up this organizational structure and maintain a solutions-driven, forward thinking culture of collaboration through various growth phases. 

Creativity in Technology

I now work with many different startups to refine organizational structure and processes. Coordinating strategy, technology and creativity, I help to create operational utilities and define procedural systems that support data-driven decision making and company vision. I’m also the CEO & Founder of telehealth company, AWEN. We’re on a mission to demystify what it takes to get out of active addiction and into recovery.

Fine Arts

With a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, I continue to nurture my creative outlets and create art in various forms.

Contact me to see more of my Portfolio, and to learn more about upcoming gallery events and exhibitions.

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What People Say

‘There’s a very unique energy and quality that Brinn brings to a team. It’s collaboration in the truest sense of the word. She creates a space for every person in the company to feel heard and valued. You can’t do this just through processes. It has to come from within. Beyond Brinn’s encouragement, she also models the importance of team in everything she does. That’s because she cares and she brings heart to work in a way that transcends the workplace and gives everyone she comes across a platform to be themselves at their very best. It’s what makes people happy to get up and come to work every day.’


Director of Marketing | Videri, Inc.

‘Brinn is one the first people I turn to when I am struggling with a creative decision. She consistently offers thoughtful feedback and her sensibility around the ‘feeling’ of a situation or scenario is always on point.’ 


Artist and Professor of Creative Technology | NYU